Secure PVC-U patio doors have enjoyed great popularity for years due to their functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to modern technologies, patio doors are becoming more and more advanced and user-friendly. Find out why it’s worth investing in patio doors from Poland.

Advantages of modern patio glazing from Poland

PVC terrace doors combine elegance with advanced technological solutions – discover their main advantages

  • Terrace door with a flat threshold

Many people appreciate patio doors with a flat threshold, which enable a smooth transition from the interior to the patio or garden. Patio doors with a flat threshold are particularly suitable for homes with small children or elderly people.

  • Large glass surfaces

Glazed patios are characterized by a large glass surface that makes the room bright and spacious.

  • Ease of use

The Verano sliding doors from our range offer exceptional convenience thanks to newly developed fittings and innovative profile geometry. The smooth sliding of the French doors saves space.

  • High thermal insulation

The heat transfer coefficients for the window frame indicate high insulation efficiency, which leads to energy savings.

  • High sound insulation

The excellent sealing of the terrace doors not only provides thermal insulation, but also sound insulation, ensuring peace and quiet in the home.

  • Security

Secure PVC-U terrace doors are equipped with advanced anti-burglary systems that protect your home from unwanted intruders. The unique design of Gealan patio doors offers an even higher level of security.

  • Easy maintenance and weather resistance

The plastic from which the terrace doors are made is weather-resistant and does not require frequent painting or maintenance.

  • Large selection of colors and surfaces

Terrace doors are available in a variety of colors and patterns to match any architectural style.

Types of PVC terrace doors

Domel presents two exceptional products in its extensive range – the Verano sliding doors and the Perspective lift and slide doors. Both models are made from robust Gealan profiles, which are among the best on the market.

The Verano sliding doors are the perfect choice for those who appreciate ergonomic solutions.

  • Good thermal insulation U-value 1.4 W/m2K
    Rollers that enable quiet and easy movement of the leaves
    Glazing packages with a thickness of 24-46 mm, which perfectly matches the concept of balcony glazing

Perspective lift and slide doors are designed for those who want to combine comfort with elegance.

  • Good thermal insulation U-value 1.3 W/m2K
    Low threshold patio door 50 mm high

We invite you to take a closer look at the two models on our product page. Innovative solutions such as multi-point locking, reinforced profiles and special balcony glazing play a key role in increasing the level of security.

Certificates and standards for secure windows and terrace doors

The quality of PVC-U patio doors is confirmed by a number of certificates and standards – available in our “Download” section. These certificates guarantee that the product meets high standards of quality, durability and functionality.

Certified products have undergone rigorous testing to confirm their technical performance and workmanship. For PVC-U patio doors, the certificates cover aspects such as thermal insulation, soundproofing and weather resistance.

Practical tips for choosing terrace doors from Poland

Choosing patio doors is a long-term decision, so you should consider your choice carefully.

  • Consider the location: If you have a balcony, consider which balcony glazing you choose. For terraces, it is worth investing in patio doors with a flat or low threshold.
  • Look for the relevant certificates: Gealan patio doors often have the relevant quality certificates.
  • Think about functionality: easy opening, low threshold, easy maintenance are just some of the many features you should consider.

Why it’s worth buying patio doors from Domel

When you choose Domel terrace doors from Poland, you are choosing a product of the highest quality. Thanks to innovative technologies, such as UltraLink technology, these doors look perfect and are particularly aesthetic.

Domel ensures the comfort and safety of its customers and offers doors with excellent thermal, sound and burglar resistance. Choosing the Domel brand means investing in doors from Poland that are characterized by quality, security and style.


If you value comfort, modern design, glazed balconies or terraces and security, PVC-U patio doors are the best choice for you. Balcony doors from Poland and glazed patio doors offer variety and functionality.