New Line

The distinguishing feature of this series is its modern approach to design. Unique infill panels with glazing elements as well as millwork allow the door to match the architectural design, while at the same time offering a wide range of individual possibilities.


  • standard dimensions 1000 x 2000 x 24/28/36/44 mm,
  • construction: 2.0/20/2.0 2.0 mm milled aluminium sheet 20.00 mm polystyrene hard foam 2.0 mm milled aluminium sheet.


Economic Line

This panel series is a combination of high aesthetics and the latest trends in modern door design. The highest precision is achieved through laser processing. The glass elements are held in a stainless steel construction.


  • Standard dimensions 900 x 2000 x 24/28/36/44 mm PVC,
  • construction: 2.0/20/2.0: 2.0 mm PVC sheet, 20.00 mm polystyrene hard foam, 2.0 mm PVC sheet.


Basic Line

The series is characterised by high durability. It is impact-resistant and has UV-reflective properties. It is ideal for modern construction, but its classic versions are also suitable for traditional buildings.


  • standard size 850 x 2000 x 24/28/36/44 mm,
  • there is the option of using reinforcement made of waterproof plywood (suggested solution, especially with dark colours),
  • availability of all models in eighteen veneers and white, as well as in Cremeweiss, tinted in the mass,
  • thirteen standard glazing variants: Thermofloat, VSG 3.3.1, Satinato, Chinchila white, Chinchila brown, Mastercarre, Masterpoint, Reflex brown, Delta clear, Delta brown, Delta Mat, Crepi and Flutes.