Sliding patio

Convenience of use

Verano patio doors deliver convenience of use and space saving. The unique sliding properties stem from the application of new design fittings, innovative profile geometry and well thought-out gasket shapes. In addition, Verano doors feature a special roller system for ease of use. Verano patio doors are an intermediate solution between tilt&slide and lift&slide. This system brings together the best elements from both solutions to ensure use convenience.

Amazing tightness

Gaskets around the perimeter of the window form a closed seal, which provides protection against wind or rain. In addition, Verano doors deliver a high level of thermal and sound insulation.

Standard benefits package

  • Simple to use
    A special system of rollers together with a unique closure system ensure smooth operation of the sliding elements, tightness and secure closing.
  • Extra room
    For sliding systems, the space directly under the window can also be used as there is no wing opening zone we encounter in traditional windows. This means residents can enjoy even more unobstructed space in their interiors.
  • Elegant and though-out design
    The original profile geometry not only is suitable for new-builds but also for renovation. A wide selection of window foils makes it possible to match sliding elements to the building’s façade. It also means increases these window profiles are much more attractive to customers.

Technical specification



  • 150 mm installation depth
  • 74 mm wide leaf
  • frame Uf value: 1.4 W/m2K
  • additional 2 mm thick steel reinforcement in the frame and wing
  • UltraLink technology – when using wood veneers – delivers a thin, aesthetic weld in window corners

Glazing units

  • Glazing up to 48 mm thick 


  • intelligent Roto Inowa fittings system with slide rollers for easy and quiet wing sliding action
  • Doors are operated using a handle, with no need to lift even with heavy leaves
  • soft closing of the leaf against the frame