The welding of profile elements is a process which affects the aesthetic qualities of the window, but also its functionality. Standard machines create an unsightly efflorescence at the joining point due to excess melted plastic. Its removal requires additional machines, and both sanding and milling do not produce a satisfactory appearance of the weld. With windows in woodgrain veneers, such a weld is particularly unsightly. Firstly, the colour deviates from the colour of the veneer, and secondly, the non-smooth structure quickly becomes dirty and is not easy to clean.


Ultralink technology allows profiles to be joined permanently and precisely using form-welding technology. No excess plastic flows out at the bonding point, but the foil is crushed. This technology is used for Domel products with wood imitation veneers. It makes the windows look perfect. The window corners have a thin, aesthetically pleasing weld and the surface is smooth.


The innovative form-welding technology enables profiles to be joined permanently and precisely. Thanks to it, an invisible weld, unprecedented on the window joinery market, is created, which gives the window a unique character. The perfect welding of seals is not only aesthetically pleasing, providing unlimited design possibilities, but also functional. The technology ensures perfect tightness of the structure, thanks to which the windows will be durable and reliable in use for many years.


We opted for Fimtec and their state-of-the-art shape welding machines. Our production uses the SL 4FF EVO robot, which was developed for fast and strong joining of window profiles. Shape welding allows the profiles to be joined very precisely and cleanly at the corners of the window. Ultralink technology is a breakthrough in joinery, eliminating spouts and therefore no cleaning. The robot gives a finished window component. Additional machines such as cleaners or rotary tables are unnecessary, as the weld no longer requires further processing.