We produce windows in a wide range of colours. With us, no architectural vision is off limits, because in addition to quality – we offer colours tailored to your individual needs. Thanks to the extensive palette, the colour of the windows can be matched to both the interior and the characteristics of the entire building. The wide range of colours depends on the selected window model. We can use white windows, windows coated with wood imitation veneer or acrylcolor technology, i.e. windows covered with an acrylic layer. PVC profiles combined in the technological process with acrylic glass create an elegant, smooth surface, which is very easy to clean, but also extremely durable, resistant to heating, ageing or fading.

Palette 1

wood imitation veneers – standard palette (group 1)

Palette 2

wood imitation veneers – non-standard palette (group 2)

Palette 3

wood imitation veneers – non-standard palette (group 3)

Palette 4

Acrylcolour – standard palette

* Colour available only on Energetic, Infinity Passive and Quadro products
** Colour available in Quadro product only
Other colours available on special request.