7 chamber windows

Energy saving

Vector windows based on Veka Softline 82 MD profiles are ideal for energy-efficient and passive houses. They offer excellent protection against low temperatures, noise and moisture. They can also help reduce heating costs.

Excellent acoustics

Even in the standard version, VECTOR windows afford outstanding noise protection. Appropriately configured, these windows can attain a very high acoustic insulation class.

Standard benefits package

  • Universal design
    These windows are perfectly at home surrounded by various architectural ideas.
  • Considerable energy saving
    Highest A class profile – minimum thickness of visible wall is greater or equal to 2.8 mm. 7 chambers in the frame profile and 6 chambers in the leaf profile make it possible to achieve a very low heat transfer coefficient.
  • Robust installation
    Glazing units mounting in the profile at a depth of 25 mm reduces water vapour condensation and means the windows provides greater security against unwelcome guests.
  • Excellent statics
    Excellent statics, durability and security are ensured by steel reinforcement in the frame and leaf.

Technical specification

VEKA Softline 82 MD


  • Durable window profiles resistant to mechanical damage
  • Gentle shapes, neutral design
  • Double surface gaskets mounted at a 15-degree incline are flush with the profile and guarantee excellent water drainage
  • Three gasket system (external, central and internal) for excellent insulation against noise, damp, low temperatures and draughts. The central gasket is securely attached to the frame
  • Cold rolled and galvanised steel reinforcement guarantee high statics and resistance to damage
  • 82 mm profile installation width, A class 3 mm external wall thickness

Glazing units

  • glazing up to 54 mm thick
  • warm edge spacers significantly reduce the risk of water vapour condensing inside rooms


  • Winkhaus ActivPilot Concept window fittings
  • anti-burglary safety keeps around the entire window circumference
  • Optional: ActivPilot Select fittings with concealed hinges
  • Secustic handle as standard – includes a handle locking system, enhances the window’s anti-burglar properties