Best quality to price ratio

Windows featuring the S8000IQ profiles, satisfy all the requirements posed by contemporary housing design. Leaf depth and the multi-chamber construction guarantee excellent thermal insulation. Statics are delivered by large steel reinforcement inside the frame and leaf.


Components of the highest quality and meticulous workmanship ensure trouble-free use for a long time to come. Synergic windows are based on a multi-chamber profile system from GEALAN, a German company.

Standard benefits package

  • Best quality to price ratio
  • Rigidity and durability
    Large steel reinforcements inside the frame and leaf ensure the entire structure is very stable.
  • Large windows
    Additional reinforcements in frames and leaves make it possible to install large windows.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
    Optimal 74 mm profile depth provides good thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Attractive foils
    Window foils are available in a number of colours. This is a great selling point and makes it easy to match one of the colours to the building’s façade.
  • Safety
    The window features anti-burglary safety keeps around the entire circumference.
  • Maintenance made easy
    By the large and smooth fitting groove.


  • 6-chamber GEALAN profile
  • 74 mm installation depth
  • smooth frame surface for easy care and maintenance
  • glazing gasket system for reliable and tight windows
  • cold rolled and galvanised steel reinforcement, 1.5 mm width frame, 1.5 mm width leaf

Glazing units

  • 24-44 mm thick glazing units
  • optional burglary resistance glass
  • glazing gasket system


  • Winkhaus ActivPilot Concept window fittings
  • anti-burglary safety keeps around the entire window circumference
  • tilt adjustment mechanism, 4 interior ventilation settings in the tilt position