Frameless window



The QUADRO features a concealed leaf. On the inside it creates a uniform, flush surface and from the outside the clear contours of the rebate emphasize its contemporary look. Large window panes let plenty of natural light in and provide far reaching flexibility for interior designers. Quadro is a new approach to window joinery, one which fits perfectly into the concept of transparent architecture.

Passive standard

Tested Uf coefficient for the GEALAN-KUBUS® system: 0.88 W/(m2K). With such an excellent Uf parameter these windows satisfy passive window requirements. Outstanding thermal insulation is achieved through the use of state-of-the-art profile designs combined with IKD® technology.

Standard benefits package

  • Minimalist form/contemporary design
    The minimalist design of this state-of-the-art product feels perfectly at home in any contemporary building.
  • A number of functions – one size
    The GEALAN-KUBUS® system features a standardized 100 mm dimension. The width of frame/wing package, sightlines with a mullion and permanent glass panes is the same: 100 mm. This means that from the outside windows with different functions look identical.
  • Large glazing units / large proportion of glass
    Low sightlines make it possible to create effective, multi-surface glazing units.
  • System compatibility
    Fully compatible with the S 9000 system, ideal for balcony doors.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Warmest solution

Technical specification

7 chamber windows


  • clear, straight contours on both the inside and outside
  • concealed leaf (outside)
  • single element leaf structure without window beading
  • the aesthetically pleasing clip profile creates a flush surface on the inside
  • tried and tested acrylcolor technology on the outside
  • state-of-the-art STV (static dry glazing) technology delivers innovative leaf design and high stability
  • IKD (frame chamber filled with insulating material) FOR maximum thermal insulation
  • 82.5 mm installation depth
  • A class profile, width of external walls: 3 mm

Glazing units

  • glazing up to 48 mm
  • warm edge spacers reduce the risk of water vapour condensing


  • Winkhaus ActivPilot SELECT fittings (concealed hinges)
  • Secustic handle as standard – includes a handle locking system, enhances the window’s anti-burglar properties
  • anti-leverage security keeps around the entire window circumference