Vector class thermal performance

These lift and slide patio doors feature the state-of-the-art Vector system, delivering outstanding insulation parameters. The system is based on industry-established Veka brand PVC profiles. Designed for excellent protection protect against low temperatures, noise and moisture, thereby reducing building heating costs.

Seamless indoor-outdoor space

Designed to bring together the interior and the garden. The unique frame build means more glass and less joinery. This delivers a panoramic perspective of the surroundings as well as a practically frame-less view of the exterior.

Based on the Veka – Vekamotion 82 system.

Standard benefits

  • Superior thermal performance
    We use A class profiles with at least 2.8 mm thick external walls delivering top energy saving performance. Seven chamber frame profiles and six chamber leaf profiles translate into a very low heat transfer coefficient.
  • Abundance of natural light
    More natural light enters the interior as we are able to install triple glazed units larger than 5 m2 and heavier than 250 kg. Use of reduced height fixed leaves means basic glazing dimensions can increased vertically by 13 cm and horizontally by 7 cm.
  • Effortless opening
    Fittings featuring rollers with bearings and Teflon slips means leaf opening is easy and does not require a physical effort.
  • Eye-pleasing appearance
    Multi-chamber end strips conceal assembly bolt based joints, delivering smooth edge surfaces and eye-pleasing windows.
  • Thermally insulated threshold
    Our PVC threshold ensures better thermal performance that its aluminium equivalents. Furthermore, it is flush with the floor, and as such safer and less obstructive when moving between the interior and the terrace.

Technical specification

Vekamotion 82


  • durable window profiles resistant to mechanical damage
  • gentle shapes, neutral design
  • double surface gaskets mounted at a 15 degree incline are flush with the profile and guarantee excellent water drainage
  • three gasket system (external, central and external) for excellent insulation against noise damp, low temperatures and draughts. The central gasket is securely attached to the frame
  • cold rolled and galvanised steel stiffening elements guarantee high statics and resistance to damage
  • 82 mm profile installation width, A class (external wall thickness: 3 mm)

Glazing package

  • Glazing packages up to 54 mm thick
  • Warm frames significantly reduce the risk of water vapour condensing inside rooms


  • The fittings used as part of this system make it possible to build two, three or even four leaf patio doors. Such doors may be up to 6.5 meters wide and up to 2.7 meters high
  • Leaves may be fixed or lift and slide, catering for diverse user requirements