Lift and slide doors

Ease of use

Sliding doors are a perfect solution for those who like large glass panels. Use of innovative fittings and top-quality materials means that regardless of size, opening solution or leaf weight, operation of the doors is effortless. An almost invisible threshold joins the exterior and interior spaces.

Different structural versions

Perspective is available in two versions: classic and designer. The first is features frame height of only 100 mm. This means the sliding doors are perfectly symmetrical and look immaculate. In the design version the fixed leaf has been replaced by a glazed profile, with the frame width reduced by more than 50%.

Standard benefits package

  • Convenience and plenty of natural light
    Practically effortless sliding action for even very large elements achieved by design excellence. An almost invisible threshold eliminates the distinction between exterior and interior spaces. Lift and slide handle for convenient leaf operation.
  • Modern design
    These meticulously though-out products, featuring modern designs, go hand-in-hand with the latest architectural trends.
  • Plenty of natural light
    A slim leaf and state-of-the art design ensure rooms are bathed in plenty of natural sunlight. Large glass areas allow plenty of natural light in regardless of whether the doors are open or closed.

Technical specification

Gealan HST S 9000


  • 5-chamber profile system with an installation width of 190 mm
  • leaf width: 83 mm
  • frame Uf value: 1.3 W/m2K
  • two versions: classic and design
  • UltraLink technology – when using wood veneers – delivers a thin, aesthetic weld in window corners

Glazing units

  • System of EPDM glazing gaskets guarantees the window is tight and durable
  • Warm edge spacers prevent glass dew


  • Siegenia fittings