MB 86N

Energy saving

Window and door systems with thermal insulation recommended for energy efficient projects. The MB 86N uses innovative thermal breaks with a new shape, allowing for additional baffling in the profile insulation zone. It is available in 2 variants depending on the heat efficiency requirements: ST, SI.

Profile strength

Profile strength parameters suitable for large and heavy windows.

Standard benefits package

  • Thermal insulation
    A system with excellent thermal and airtightness insulation, thanks to innovative new shapes of thermal breaks.
  • Structural resistance
    The benefits of the MB-86 system include highly durable profiles, making it possible to make large and heavy structures.
  • Design freedom
    Unlimited system construction possibilities and freedom of design. The MB 86N system is suitable for panel doors, configurable for a plethora of interior designs. Expectations of even the most discerning customers will be satisfied by these products.
  • Anti-burglar
    Windows and doors up to RC3 class can be constructed.
  • Colour options
    A large selection of colours from the standard pallet means that the requirements of even the most discerning customers can be satisfied. Colours are applied by powder coating or anodising methods.

Technical specification

MB 86N


from 0,62 W/m2K


  • wide thermal breaks in a new shape, allowing for the use of an additional chamber in the profile insulation zone
  • two component gasket seals and insulates the space between the leaf and frame
  • wide range of sections guarantees required attractiveness and structure durability
  • profile shapes adjusted to the installation of various types of multi-point locking fittings, including concealed hinges
  • two options of profile drainage available: traditional or concealed

Glazing units

  • between 21 mm and 57 mm in window leaves and 12 mm to 48 mm in fixed windows and doors
  • wide range of glazing allows for the use of all available types of glass, also two chamber, acoustic and anti-burglar
  • gaskets made from EPDM synthetic rubber guarantee resistance to ageing throughout many years of usage
  • glazing beading with additional gaskets, available in three versions: Standard, Prestige and Style


  • Siegenia fittings