MB 77 HS


Lift and slide systems can be used to design convenient balcony, patio or garden doors. Suitable for interior installation or as winter garden doors. These doors do not take up space within premises.


The system is suitable for large high-end doors, ideal for single-family houses as well as luxury apartments or hotels.

Standard benefits package

  • Large dimensions
    Large low-threshold doors may be constructed: maximum leaf weight up to 600 kg, height up to 3.24 m; width up to 3.3 m
  • Good insulation parameters
    A selection of fills, thermal interlayers and additional accessories as well as thermal inserts make it possible to achieve very good thermal and acoustic parameters.
  • Use Safety
    The system utilises the “Comfort close” mechanism for easy closing of even heavy doors.
  • Colour range
    A wide range of colours to suit any interior design option.

Technical specification

MD 77 HS

Frame depth

50 mm (double rail) and 97 mm (triple rail)


from 1,4 W/m2K


  • Double or triple rail frames available
  • Low threshold

Glazing units

  • Glazing up to 26 mm deep
  • Glazing gaskets and windows beadings
  • 3 versions of window beading


  • Fitting grooves that allow installation of hardware from top manufacturers, including Siegenia, Roto