MB 45

Design freedom

Window and door systems without thermal insulation. Primarily used for the construction of interior elements subject to low thermal insulation requirements such as: partitioning walls, windows, doors (manual or automatic sliding doors, swing doors), vestibules, shop fronts, cash till boxes, cabinets and spatial structures.


The shape of the profiles provides slim and resistant window and door structures. Such depths of sash and frame sections result in a single surface effect in case of windows and an effect of uniform leaf and frames surfaces when it comes to doors.

Standard benefits package

  • Universal application These windows are perfectly at home surrounded by various architectural ideas. Suitable for interior and exterior standard and custom projects.
  • Versatility A variety of functions, different window and door opening solutions tailored to customer’s needs. A large choice of door options with a variety of threshold designs.
  • Arches Profile bending and arched designs
  • Specialised solutions With a number of specialised solutions, such as partitions, smoke doors and rebate doors
  • Leaf weight and dimensions (HxL) Maximum 120-130 kg, H up to 2400 mm, L up to 1250 mm

Technical specification

MB 45


  • single-chamber
  • window section depths: 45 mm (frame), 54 mm (leaf) and doors: 45 mm and 45 mm respectively
  • profile bending option, arched and shaped products

Glazing units

  • between 2 mm and 35 mm for window leaves and 2 mm to 26 mm for fixed windows and doors
  • three types of glazing beading
  • gaskets made from EPDM synthetic rubber guarantee resistance to ageing throughout many years of usage


  • Siegenia fittings