Passive house windows

Passive standard

The Energetic is a state-of-the-art system based on S9000 profiles with a central gasket for windows, doors, and lift-slide doors. Use of standard reinforcement makes the system suitable for use in passive houses.

Safe and sturdy design

Application of reinforcement adds a seventh chamber to the frame. This results in an extremely rigid window, delivering an optimal balance between statics and thermal insulation.

Standard benefits package Thermal insulation

  • Thermal insulation
    Intelligent sealing concept with up to three end-to-end sealing levels. An extra gasket for better thermal insulation and improved fitting moisture resistance.
  • Heat and energy insulation
    Very good heat and sound insulation thanks to the six-chamber design an 82.5 mm installation depth for the frame and sash.
  • Optimised for the use of STV technology
    Maximum feasible leaf height: 2.5 m
  • Enhanced statics
  • More light
    Slim 110 mm profiles make it possible to install larger windows allowing much more light’ to enter rooms.

Technical specification



  • 6-chamber frame and leaf design
  • 82.5 mm installation depth
  • steel reinforcement adds a seventh chamber to the frame
  • smooth frame surface for easy care and maintenance
  • intelligent sealing concept with three sealing levels
  • cold rolled and galvanised reinforcement, 1.5 mm width frame, 1.5 mm width leaf
  • central gasket in the form of a rebate

Glazing units

  • glazing up to 54 mm thick
  • glazing are set deeper to prevent the formation of thermal bridges along glazing unit edges and to improve thermal insulation
  • glazing gasket system
  • higher glazing beading (26 mm) and higher glazing gasket
  • warm edge spacers reduce the risk of water vapour condensing inside rooms
  • optional burglary resistance glass


  • Winkhaus ActivPilot Concept window fittings
  • ant-burglary safety keeps around the entire window circumference
  • tilt adjustment mechanism, 4 interior ventilation settings in the tilt position
  • optional: ActivPilot Select fittings with concealed hinges or ActivPilot Comfort with a parallel opening ventilation system